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PAGE 30 – OCTOBER 2004

THE CAT-SKILLS RAILROAD For Feline Fun and Frolic (Photos by Sarah Machinist) If you have cats, then you know there is a mystical bond between your furry felines and your model trains. I was...


Corner Layouts and More! This month we add three more layouts to our collection of pikes designed to fit into corners (see August 2004 Scrapbook for more). Plus, there are several bonus micro layouts,...

PAGE 28 – AUGUST 2004

Shoebox Madness Up to Now... Shoebox layouts continue to proliferate on both sides of the Atlantic. In the U.K. there's even a shoebox competition running at the national narrow-gauge exhibition, ExpoNG, scheduled for late...

PAGE 27 – JULY 2004

FROM THE LAND OF THE VIKINGS COMES... THE LEGEND: We've learnt that the old Vikings were great explorers and craftsmen. Less known is the fact that they even explored steam railroading! The Edda tells...

PAGE 26 – JUNE 2004

A NEW 'WRINKLE' IN FOLDING BASEBOARDS!   Jack Trollope, who lives in the Highlands of Scotland, was interested in my design for the Folding WayTerminal (left above), and actually built it! The photo (above...

PAGE 25 – MAY 2004

A REALISTIC ENGLISH INDUSTRIAL SCENE Chris Nevard, who lives just southwest of London, England, built this striking industrial waterfront scene, Arne Wharf, on a 3 x 2 foot platform in OO9 scale. The setting...

PAGE 24 – APRIL 2004

Works In Progress A variety of recent photos showing small layouts under construction around the world. A 'WILD WEST SHOW' FROM FRANCE Fabrice Fayolle, from Amiens, France, is building a small On30 layout modeled...

PAGE 23 – MARCH 2004

Inspired (he says) by this website, Mark Holmstrup, from Albuquerque NM, made this N-scale layout last Christmas with help from his two children (aged 7 and 2). The tiny layout measures 8.5×7.5 in (22×29...



PETROC: A SMALL EXHIBITION LAYOUT Steve Waterfield, from Staines, England, started working on Petroc Quarries in a Japanese hotel room about 10 years ago. The 20×24 in (50×61 cm) layout has been taking on...

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