Category: Small Layout Scrapbook


PAGE 87 – July 2009

A Minimum Space Masterpiece! A few weeks ago, at the Epping Model Railway Club Exhibition in Sydney, Australia, an astonishing new layout was publicly unveiled for the first time. It was Brooklyn: 3 AM,...


PAGE 86a – June 2009

Adventures in SPACE and TIME There are at least two ways to continuously enjoy a small layout. You can enjoy it in SPACE—watch it move round and round, endlessly, in a continuous circuit. Or...


PAGE 86 – June 2009

PAPER SCENERY Last month we featured some inexpensive approaches to making baseboards and benchwork, ranging from recycling old ironing boards to using modestly-priced resin tables. This month, we’re exploring Paper Scenery. Here are some...


PAGE 85b – May 2009

Cyril J. Freezer, 1924-2009 Photo courtesy MRC Bulletin, used by permission. Cyril Freezer, who played a vital role in making the model railway hobby what it is today, passed away peacefully in his sleep...

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