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    Hi Gert and fellow modelers,

    I wanted to float an idea for you; but since it involves community support I thought maybe posting it here on the forum would help you determine how much of the micro community would support this.

    Besides, my other frequent internet haunt is the Model Railroad Hobbyist website and accompanying e-zine. As I was browsing one of their publications it occurred to me how you could possibly make publishing scrapbook updates easier by following their pioneering method of turning community forum content into monthly publications. It is a brilliant strategy IMHO but not yet popular with modeling publishers.

    In case you are not familiar with the MRH method, here is how I understand it to work. First, they have a strong and diverse modeling community that regularly posts updates about their projects on their forum. Second, a team of “editors” identify forum threads that are exceptional and would be interesting reading in a published format. Finally, one or more of the editors decide which forum threads get included in the monthly publication and go about the tedious editorial work of converting the raw content into a nicely formatted presentation.

    As a blogger myself, I understand that there’s always going to be a certain amount of time required to take any raw content and format it into a tidy publication; but if you had a team of like-minded moderators/editors trolling the forum, they could be flagging good content and engaging posters with followup questions about their layouts so that you have more to work with when press-time comes.

    Anyway, just an idea. I’m of course willing to help too. I’m getting ready to post description and pictures of my own coffee-table micro layout that I’m in the middle of building.



    Yukio Kashiwa

    Dear Suits,

    My web pages these were notes in your site page

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