Our 200th Layout!

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Our 200th Layout!

Two hundred layouts in two years … it leaves me breathless! It would not be possible to summarize all the ingenious and exciting ideas that have graced these web pages in our first 200 layouts. You can browse through them all any time you wish or read about them in my books.

Changes since the beginning? One big trend is represented on this page — increasingly you are actually building micro layouts, not just drawing them. More and more my e-mail brings in photographs of works in progress along with the latest crop of excellent designs. A few of those photos, representing the quality of work in this Gallery, are included here — along with a new 200th-anniversary layout designed in the shape of the number “200”.

It’s been a great ride … thanks for sharing it with me. It keeps getting better, and the best, as they say, may be yet to come!

Carl Arendt
September 22, 2003

Steve Bennett

Jack Trollope

Emrys Hopkins design/Carl Arendt photo

Carl Arendt

Carl Arendt

Carl Arendt

Steve & Sawood Pearce / Terry Allen photo

Terry Allen

Carl Arendt

Bart Bakker

Ian Holmes

Don Coker

Brian Wilson

Chris Krupa / Steve Bennett photo

Joe Chiasson

Carl Arendt

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and deep appreciation to the talented layout designers whose efforts have made this Micro Gallery possible. To view any individual’s work, simply click on “Linked Index” in the menu at left and search for the name using your browser’s “Find” function. In alphabetical order by country, my wonderful collaborators are:

Honor Roll of Contributors to the Micro Layout Design Gallery

United States
Dick Andrews
Carl Arendt
Alex Ceres
Don Coker
Bill Cooke
Jim Favre
Maurice Grimes
Jeff Hartmann
Jim Hofer
Ian Holmes
Len Kaplan
Jack Matson
Bill Metcalf
Geren Mortensen
Jeff Semprebon
Harry Symonds
John Thomas

Ian Campbell
Joe Chiasson
Brian Wilson

United Kingdom
Terry Allen
Julian Andrews
Gordon Avis
Ian Bareham
Giles Barnabe
Steve Bennett
Chris Elllis
Chris Gilbert
Jeff Hatcher
Emrys Hopkins
Chris Krupa
Peter Marriott
Philip Parker
Kevin Payne
Sawood Pearce
Steve Pearce
Frank Saunders
Robert Michael Shemilt
Trevor Simpson
David Thomas
Jack Trollope
A. R. Walkley

Jon Songøygard

Johan Emanuelson
Rolf Emanuelson

Bart Bakker
Reinoud Kaasschieter
Otto Schouwstra
Vincent Wesstein

Bernard Junk
Gaston Schikowski

Ivan Furlanis

Pete Heininger

Deepest Thanks to You All!

Carl Arendt

Webmaster Carl Arendt died on March 4, 2011 in Olympia, Washington. Carl came to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon where he graduated with a degree in physics and met Sheila, his wife of 49 years. Carl started work for Westinghouse Electric Corporation where he spent his entire career. During this time, he and Sheila raised their three sons. Following retirement from Westinghouse, Carl threw himself into the world of micro-railroading. In 2002 he started this web site, and authored three books on the subject. This web site attracted a large worldwide following, and Carl built up a collection of friends who came to know and respect him even though most had never met him in person. Such was his personality that it shone through across the ether. He and Sheila moved to Olympia in 2009 to be close to their son Giles and his family, where Carl enjoyed time with his three grandchildren. His wit, erudition, and creativity made this true gentleman a joy to be with, in both the real and the virtual world. This site is a trove of microlayout ideas and examples, and so long as it continues will keep Carl's memory alive and further the hobby he loved.

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