Shoeboxes at ExpoNG - 2004

An important highlight of ExpoNG (23 October 2004) was a shoebox
layout modeling challenge, inspired at least in part by the examples
provided in this website. The challenge called forth some remarkable
work by a multinational crew of talented modelers!

Judges were the trio of modelers who pioneered the shoebox concept
at last year's ExpoNG - 2003, also held at Swanley in Kent. They were
Chris Krupa, Chris O'Donoghue, and Richard Homewood.

Here are a few early photos of some of the entries, captured by
several photographers, particularly two intrepid (and rapid) photogs
-- Emrys Hopkins and Alastair Inskip. My deepest thanks to all!

Click on a folder to see thumbnails of the photos inside.

Photos by
Emrys Hopkins

Photos by
Alastair Inskip

Even More

Southon Yard Photos
by Nick Pidgely

If we've missed anyone, please send photos! We'll be delighted to add them!

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