PAGE 52 – AUGUST 2006

While prowling through past issues of this Scrapbook, looking for items to feature in the “Not Quite a Blog” issue (#50), I noticed several recurring patterns in the small layout designs shown over the...


PAGE 51 – JULY 2006

As you might expect, we receive a lot of information that does not fit neatly into the themes used for this Scrapbook. It accumulates in the files, until we have enough material that we...


PAGE 50 – JUNE 2006

Hello, everyone! Unbelievable as it seems, this is the 50th edition of my monthly e-zine, Small Layout Scrapbook! (Knowledgeable readers will understand my strange custom of following U.S. railroad practice by numbering mid-month “special...


PAGE 49a – MAY 2006

In the February Scrapbook, we took a look at long, thin layouts — which one wag dubbed “Ribbon Roads” — to discover the realism that point to point running can provide. The sense of...


PAGE 49 – MAY 2006

Once again it’s time for our semi-annual roundup of Pizza layouts– those delightful little circular creations that look like they could be packed into a square box and delivered to your door! As pizza...


PAGE 48a – APRIL 2006

This site actually has several Official Photographers on various continents, in addition to the hundreds of “unofficial” photographers who send us their very welcome layout photographs. Emrys Hopkins, who lives in Norfolk, England, is...


PAGE 48 – APRIL 2006

Many of the best items in this Scrapbook come under the heading of Works in Progress when we first publish them. Later, more finished work and new ideas enter and need to be reported....


PAGE 47 – MARCH 2006

Inch for inch, the “bookshelf sized” switching layout provides the most railroading fun of any layout style I know. Here are a few small shelf-switchers that may give you some ideas! TYMESAVER STYLE SWITCHING...

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