PAGE 40 – AUGUST 2005

UPDATES! With over 500 layouts on this web site, it’s no suprise that a number of our featured designs have made progress in construction — or as in some cases, have recently changed direction...


PAGE 39 – JULY 2005

MISCELLANY… MIS’-CEL-LA-NY — n. 1: a mixture of various things. Many items arrive in my e-mail. not all of which fit into the categories I devise for the monthly issues of Small Layout Scrapbook....


PAGE 38 – JUNE 2005

Layouts in Containers Return! In February (Scrapbook Issue #34) we brought you a compendium of model railways built in various containers. As a result, we received a lot more information about “contained” layouts from...


PAGE 37 – MAY 2005

There’s no question that the world’s most popular model railroad layout design is the “pizza” — a single circle of track on a small, usually square display board. Pizza layouts are found everywhere that...


PAGE 36 – APRIL 2005

3 MARVELOUS MICROS + 3 ISLAND RAILROADS FUN IN SEXTUPLICATE! MICRO 1: A CLASSIC, RYELANDS LANE Patriarch of the Pint-sized Platform Chris Krupa, from Cambridge, England, displayed one of his classic micro layouts at...


PAGE 35 – MARCH 2005

SMALL LAYOUT VARIETY PACK Small layouts come in many shapes, scales, and even sizes. Here’s a “Variety Pack” of interesting small layouts that have reached our desk over the past few months. Enjoy! MAKING...



SMALL LAYOUTS IN CONTAINERS (in homage to Monty Python’s ‘Storage Jars Sketch’) Model railroaders are very imaginative people. And they build layouts in many unexpected places. This month, we present a collection of small...

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