Carl’s bibliography

In response to several requests here are Carl Arendt’s magazine articles, books and CDs in chronological order starting with the most recent

Into the Woods
Making Maple Syrup on a Gn15 Micro Layout
Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette, May/June 2007, pp. 30-34
How I built the Somerset Agriculural Products (SAP) Railroad

Tips for Tiny Trains
Tracking Under Your Christmas Tree
Upper St. Clair TODAY, Winter 2006, pp. 66-67
An “interview with an author” in local magazine.

Theatrical Layout Design:
Stage tricks for small layouts, usable on any size pike
Layout Design Journal 35, December 2006, pp. 48-53
A review of “Picture Frame Layout” design and other stage tricks.

Gn15 Brookville – a Preview
Light Iron Digest, October/November 2006, pp. 8-9
Review of a new “critter” kit from Schomberg Scale Models.

Carl Arendt’s Small Layout Scrapbook:
Model Railroading in Very Small Spaces
64pp, published June 2006
My third book. (For sale at agents listed on this website.)

5 Hot Micro Layout Ideas
Scale Rails/NMRA Bulletin, February 2006
Five innovative approaches to micro layout design, with examples.

Fun in Tiny Spaces
Scale Rails/NMRA Bulletin, November 2005
How I built the Squarefoot Estate Railway, G scale in one square foot.

How to Plan a 1:64 Scale Micro Layout
1:64 Modeling Guide, November/December 2005
How to design and build S-gauge micro layouts.

Model Railroading in Extremely Small Spaces
CD-ROM, published October 2005
Contains my first two books in PDF format (now out of print).

The Pleasures of Micro Layouts
Scale Rails/NMRA Bulletin, October 2005
An overview of micro layout design, with many examples.

Peek’s Pike Railroad
Model Trains International, No. 59, July/August 2005
How I built a meter-long On30 demo micro layout.

Large Scale in a Tiny Space
Garden Railways, August 2004
Micro Layouts in G Scale, including a one-square-foot example.

Großer Maßstab auf kleinstem Raum
Garten Bahn, 5/2004
“Large Scale in a Tiny Space” in German!

O Scale on a Drawing Board
Model Trains International, No. 50, January/February 2004
A tribute to Dick Andrews, who inspired me to try!

Creating Micro Layouts:
Model Railroading in Extremely Small Spaces
48pp., Published September 2003
My second book about micro layouts (now out of print).

Something Not Completely Familiar (SNCF)
Model Trains International, No. 48, September/October 2003
The story of Les Peupliers, 1/32 scale in 2xA4 space.

52 Micro Layouts You Can Build:
Model Railroading in Extremely Small Spaces
32pp., First Edition published October 2002
My first book of micro layout plans (now out of print).

Designing Micro Layouts
Model Trains International, No. 41, July/August 2002
A “how to” of micro layout design, using an example from West Virginia.