10 – New Boston Terminal

Peter Laier
Leominster, Massachusetts, USA


I have always loved small switching layouts as we live in an apartment. This layout was designed for use with 60′ cars but 40′ cars would look better and #4.5 USA turnouts. After I finished the design I have decided that I will construct the layout and use it as removable module for my home layout.

I envision that all of the tracks except the Arrival and Departure (A&D) and the loco storage would be street running buried in pavement — that way any location could be a team track. The A&D and engine storage tracks would be knee deep in weeds and trash. The switchbacks to get to the rear industries require you to pre-pull a minimum of two industries to spot the rear tracks and should generate some interesting switching.

(NOTE: This layout requires alterations to the Trackmobile to install a front coupler, as permitted in the rules.)