13 – Tayballtew Workshop

Hans van der Linden
Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Tayballtew Workshop – (105 x 35 cm)

The Trackmobile rail car mover is able to move between tracks over any road surface. Any micro layout design centered on a scale model of a Trackmobile should therefore address this special ability. Unfortunately, the model only runs on rails, so driving it over the road surface can only be faked by having that occur off-stage, accomplished in this case with a small hidden transfer table.

Tayballtew Workshop depicts a railroad workshop, where the Trackmobile is used to move cars (and/or locomotives) around the site. To conserve space, the workshop is equipped with a transfer table that connects all the workshop tracks. This transfer table takes center stage as the most prominent feature on the layout.

The transfer table allows the Trackmobile to move a single car from one track to another, on either side of the transfer table. The Trackmobile is always to the left of the car it is moving, because the model only has one coupler as standard. It can escapefrom behind the car, by using the small hidden transfer table on the far left, and an unoccupied track, to return to the center transfer table.

The track sections together will hold up to 12 cars, so switching games can be played with up to 9 cars. A locomotive could also participate and assume the role of a car, either moving on its own or being pulled or pushed by the Trackmobile.

(NOTE: This layout does not require any alterations to the Trackmobile, which can be used directly from the box.)