21 – Electric Loco Repair Shop

Erik Jäckel
Berlin, Germany


The layout shows a repair shop for electric locos such as the German BR143. As there are no overhead wires installed in the repair shop area, a Trackmobile needs to shunt them around.

The heart of the scheme is a three bay repair shed with a traverser in front. The scheme also includes several sidings for the locos and freight cars delivering parts.

A – connecting track. This track would be the connection to the outside world. Locos and freight cars arrive and leave here. [holds 2 locos or 4 freight cars]

B – parts siding. This siding is mainly used for parts delivery as it leads to the ancillary building. [holds 3 freight cars]

C – double slip switch.

D – traverser. The traverser enables access to the repair shed and the loco sidings. The traverser is long enough to hold the trackmobile plus a loco or or a freight car.

E – loco sidings. These three siding are mainly used to park the locos before or after service. Freight cars could also be parked there. [holds 1 loco or 2 freight cars]

F – Trackmobile turn around and fuel station. This short siding is only long enough for the Trackmobile. It enables the Trackmobile to get ‘behind’ the locos or freight cars to push them into the loco sidings (E). A diesel fuel tank is placed next to this siding.

G – repair shed.

H – ancillary building.

Loco length is assumed to be 191mm, freight car length is assumed to be 115mm (both based on Märklin products).

(NOTE: This layout requires alterations to the Trackmobile to install a front coupler, as permitted in the rules.)