24 – Webster Ltd. Repair Facility

Ronald Halma
Aalten, the Netherlands


This is a micro-layout designed for a little switching. At Webster Ltd. (which lies next to the road as you see) a Trackmobile could be used to switch the “to-be-repaired” cars to the repair hall. To do that one could park 1 or 2 40ft cars on track C. From there it could pull the 2 cars on track A or B. Then the Trackmobile could runaround them, then shove both cars onto the “main.”

From the main, 1 car could be uncoupled (my preferred method; #58 Kadee’s uncoupled with a #241 uncoupling tool), pulled back and shoved onto the repair track. The other car could be parked on the “yard track.” This move could be done with both cars the same time (i.e. first on yard, second on repair).

To make life worse, one could park an already repaired car on the repair track, and/or 1 or 2 cars on the yard spur. That way, the switching task would be instantly more challenging and fun! Usage would be (of course) with DCC (with hand throttle) and hand uncoupling. The switches would be preferred with Caboose Industries switch stands which allow hand switching.

For my own fun I’ve already started building the layout. I’m going to run it with Lenz Digital with LH100 hand throttle. My cars will be provided with Kadee #58’s, and the uncoupling will go by hand using the before-mentioned Kadee #241 uncoupling tool or the Rix uncoupling tool 628-0014.


(NOTE: This layout requires alterations to the Trackmobile to install a front coupler, as permitted in the rules.)