The Golden Treasury of WIKI Articles


The Micro/Small Layout Wiki was an experiment in collaborative information sharing. It started as a dream to build – with the help of small layout modellers around the world – a “Wikipaedia” of minimum-space railroading. Alas, it was not to be.
The Wiki has been removed. There were two main reasons. First, we noted a less-than-enthusiastic response from a sizable share of this site’s readers – it just wasn’t a project that aroused widespread excitement. And second, we received an incredible assault from an army of slavering spammers who splattered our pages with unending grunge. Ultimately, the effort required to combat the spammers (and remove their depredations) just wasn’t worth the trouble, given the relatively small portion of our readership who were interested in the Wiki.
So it’s gone now. But a number of readers (listed below) contributed thoughtful and insightful information during the Wiki’s short lifetime (one month!). To honor these contributors, and to save their thoughts and ideas for the small-layout community, I’ve established this permanent archive – The Golden Treasury of Wiki Articles.
You can browse it, or choose a specific article to read from the table of contents at the top of each page of the archive. There are four pages in all. Click on each to visit it. Click on the bottom of the archive page to return here.

Small Layout Design

(8 articles)

Small Layout Construction and Operation

(5 articles)

Small Layout Prototypes

(4 articles)

Small Layout Rolling Stock

(3 articles)



John Angell – UK
Anon. – thank you!
Carl Arendt – US
Andy Bantock – UK
Giles Barnabe – UK
Alan Cox – UK
Michael Denny – Canada
Frank Edgcombe – US
Peter Flaskamp – Germany
Gabriel Golden – US
Charles Hansen – US
Glenn Hazel – US
Prof Klyzlr – Australia
Alexander Lehmann – Germany
Doug Lowing – US
Peter Marler – UK
Maurizio Melis – Italy
John Mensch – US
Keith Motton – Canada
Kevin Payne – UK
Werner Seyfried – Germany
Terry – US
Don Thomson – UK
Jim Tinnion – UK
Jack Trollope – UK
Bob V. – US
Thomas Van Hare – US
Michel Viers – France
Matthew Walters – UK
Vincent Wesstein – Netherlands