What Else Can You Do With a Foot Square Layout?

1. Take it to a party!


What an icebreaker! Endless laughs and good-natured joking! Hours of operating fun!
(Photos courtesy T. Comden and K. Bush)

2. Make it part of your household furnishings!


For example, use it as a lamp… …or make it a conversation-starting centerpiece at a festive dinner!

3. Find the animals on the layout!


A variety of animals are squirreled away on the Squarefoot.
When the SFER is on exhibit, children and the young at heart have a great time finding all the animals. For this Web site, we’ve pictured all the animals in the three photos above. How many can you find?
(Answers are printed below).

4. Store it on a shelf in the cupboard!


Answer to the animal quiz: There are nine animals on the layout–
3 pigeons, 2 cats, 2 ducks, 1 dog, and 1 teddy bear.