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Finally a new Scrapbook Update after almost a year. The development of the new website took a lot of time, so I postponed new Scrapbook updates. I did keep all the submissions I got though. If I get enough layout submissions, I will continue publishing at least once a month. There are so many great projects around, so I think that won’t be a problem at all!

I hope you will enjoy this new update. If you want to submit your layout, please use the submit form! πŸ™‚

Have Fun and Be Inspired!!

Rob Strachans Micro Layout from Hampshire, UK

“Inspired by many of the layouts of this website, it is 4ft x 1ft and completely self contained. This is also my first attempt at American HO. It follows the Santa Fe in the mid β€˜90’s and is a small service and refuelling yard. Operation is by pulling a card at random with the loco number, and then another card at random with it’s action and wagons (if required). For example: Card 1: Locomotive X. Card 2: Refuel. I have to say I am now a NA railroad and micro convert!”

East Dunnet/Rosie Cider Farm by Andrew L. Smith

“The layout has been completely rebuilt since you last showed an update on it in February. The old layout was not up to my usual standard of building a solid baseboard as a good foundation for a layout. In its old guise the last exhibition for it was in April. I had until August to rebuild it as I wanted to use as many of the buildings as I could. The new size would be about 2mts X 1mts. This allowed me to have a nice run-around layout and also an extra addition of a small scene on the right hand side (from the public side) of the layout. All these pictures are from its first show in this format. I have also just decided to call it East Dunnet. So from the left, we have the small village of East Dunnet over the drainage river we have the Rosie Cider Farm and then on the right hand end we now have Dunnet Wood Yard. The run-around to the back of the layout is between the Cider Farm and the Wood Yard.”

Pott Row by Martyn Mullender

This layout has been featured before, and Martyn sent me an update on the layout last year. The scenic area is just under four feet by one and has a fiddle yard attached. There is also a developing MPD scene including a working turntable. This is no sleepy backwater so expresses do arrive although represented by just a loco and two coaches.

“The layout is currently being built as two separate scenes with fiddle yard at each end. The layout lives in my garage which does have a car put in it each night so the left hand fiddle yard has to be removed and stored. Each section is removable although it was never intended for exhibition. All buildings are lit and the layout features SMP track as well as DCC control. I enclose a couple of recent shots of the most developed board giving you some idea of the context of the layout.”

More information about this great layout can be found on his own thread on

The Gynthrolith Mine by GΓΌnther Kiltz

A mining layout in 09 (scale ratio 1:45), with excellent details!

“Some time ago I grabbed together some bits and pieces and built a little freelance industrial Diesel and a tipper. Of course they needed a playground. For I did not want to run simply back and forth or around in a circle I created a tiny mining layout with the opportunity of really transporting something.

The whole thing consists of a little mountain with a bunker at the top from where the ore is loaded into the train. It is assumed that the mine is inside the hill, the bunker is all you can see. The track then runs down three quarters around and over a tournout with change of direction to the upper side of a wall where the load is tipped into a truck below. Now the procedure can start again. That’s the whole action. I confess, not very thrilling but it’s simply fun.

The layout has a diameter of about 60 cm (24 in), a height of about 40 cm (15 in) and was built nearly complete from Styrofoam. For fine modelling I used cardboard from empty egg boxes diluted in water and mixed with white glue. That produces a rigid but light surface. The rocks are cork, the vegetation is the usual stuff of grass fibres and foliage materials from the model shop. Trees are selfmade from wire and foliage.
Track is handlayed with rails from old N gauge flexitrack. The bunker has a core of plasticard covered with wooden strips. All operations (opening the shutter of the bunker, switching the tournout, unloading the tipper) are carried out by hand via mechanical linkage. The handles which move bunker shutter and tournout are disguised as logs, the one for unloading as a little rock.
The mined mineral is called Gynthrolith, a fantasy name. In fact it is industrial hemp seed which I found very suitable for the purpose.”


  1. David Wood says:

    Thanks for all your work to contiue the site. It looks great.

  2. thadcarter says:

    Thanks for the update.I’m working on a layout and looking for ideas.

  3. Jim Straker says:

    Good to see the site back, and the inspirational ideas keep on coming.

  4. Jim Straker says:

    It’s good to see the site active again (and looking good). The quality of the inspiration is as high as ever.

  5. Paul Lipiarski says:

    Thank you for all the work that went into converting and maintaining this very special website. I appreciate the continuation of Carl’s work especially with a Nederlander heading the site. Hup Holland Hup.
    Minneapolis MN

  6. Thank you Gert for keeping the idea of micro layouts alive and online! I like your new page, #116.
    From Canada I send you best wishes for every success with the website.
    Cheers from Johnnychuffchuff !

  7. Avlisk says:

    I was afraid this website would end with Carl’s passing. I’m so glad someone stepped up and is continuing such a great resource that provides so many ideas and entertainment. Good on you!

  8. Skip Luke says:

    Really nice job!

  9. Don Thomson says:

    Hello Gert, off to a good start.
    I like the uncluttered easy to view format.
    Lets hope the sites return generates plenty of submissions.

  10. thadcarter says:

    Excellent site. T.C.

  11. John Reynolds says:

    Very well done… How may I submit photos of some of my projects?

    • Gert says:

      Thanks John! You can use the submission form on this website or e-mail your update to me directly! πŸ™‚ (just reply to the newsletter if you got it)

  12. Trevor Buchanan says:

    Thank you very much for keeping this exciting site going. Ta.

  13. Nick Claxton says:

    I’m so glad you have kept the site going, as it has been an inspiration for so many people. Love the new look. I never got round to posting anything to Carl, but I’d better some send some pics now! Best wishes. Nick

  14. Nick Claxton says:

    I’m so glad you have kept the site going, as it has been an inspiration for so many people. Love the new look. I never got round to posting anything to Carl, but I’d better some send some pics now! Best wishes. Nick

    Too many ‘somes’ line 3, some send some. Ooops.

  15. Super, dass es wytergeit. Keep going on. La meilleur site modellisme!!

    Merci, thanks Gert

  16. maurizio says:

    Thank you very much for keeping the site up and running.
    I was one of the scores of people who was afraid that all this gifts of art were going to be lost after Carl’s passing.
    Keep up the good job!
    Will submit something in the next weeks….


  17. Bill says:

    Like the style update. So many thanks to you for keeping this internationally inspirational site going…

  18. steven h. says:

    i’m glad to see the website re-cataloged. of course there is plenty of inspiration in the ‘older’ plans, but it’s great to see new layouts plus the positive responses your new site has received. i’ve purchased a new ‘e-book’ as well. steven h.

  19. Mike Lacy says:

    Thank you so very much for all the work you have done on the website.

    It is a true joy to see the new update.

    God bless you and Carl.

    Mike in Pittsburgh

  20. Great to see a new page on Carl’s site – congratulations and thanks for all your work to keep it going.

  21. Great to see the website active again. Looking forward to the next edition.


  22. Roger says:

    Thanks for a great new scrap book page – pictures are excellent !

    Great work

  23. Peter Marler says:

    Good to see the site being updated.
    It has been an inspiration in the past and looks good for the future
    Avery clean and clear presentation


  24. Dave Jones says:

    Many thanks for the revival – the only site that inspires me to get back to some modelling!
    And great to see Rob’s (from NRWM Forum) H0 micro featured. Long may it all continue.

  25. Till KrΓΌger says:

    Good news to see this site going on!


  26. Richard says:

    Gert — You ROCK! Thanks for keeping the website alive; the new site is excellent. Loved the latest update. I model in HO but am sooo tempted with On18 thanks to the Gynthrolith Mine Layout of Mr. Kiltz.

  27. Ekkehard Pummer says:

    Thank you Gert, for all the work and you’ve done on the website and keeping the idea of micro layouts alive and online!
    May ia continue for a long time.

  28. Daniel Banks says:

    Great job on the site Gert! Glad to see you got it setup and a new scrapbook!!!

  29. Henry says:

    Nice to have the site back. Would you consider submissions that are works in progress?

  30. Keith says:

    ……& thankyou from me too, good to see this site continuing…..

  31. Dave says:

    Website looks Great! Enjoy the site and seeing the projects others have done. Thank you for keeping it going.

  32. Mike says:

    Glad to see the updates to the site .

    Am planning several small layouts myself currently working on one 1600mm x 250mm that is being built in 400 x 250mm modules.. 3 complete and one to go (the works yard)

  33. Rich says:


    Thank you for the work that has been done to the website! It looks great, and I’m very happy to see that it continues to live on, rather than be scrapped and all the fantastic work be lost.


  34. Ian Bunch says:

    Good work with the site. It’s long been an inspiration for my modelling, since I realised 7 small layouts were better than 1 big one (and one in the garden).
    I model in P4, 16mm, O9, 1:64, 1:72 (Military), 1:43.5, 1:55 and 1:35. I’ll try and find more scales to build in,


  35. David says:

    Just discovered your site – great inspiration. Many thanks for your effort to provide all us micro-folks an online gathering place.


  36. Victor Smith says:

    Hello Gert,

    I was reviewing past scrapbook posts and noticed a photo used on one of my submissions is now incorrect. Scrapbook page 90, Oct 2009, the pic shown is of my HOn30 layout and not the G scale layout discussed in the text. Is it possible to update the pic or has that train left the station. I will gladly send the correct pic. Let me know either way. Otherwise great to see the site again, I have a new G pizza to submit and a couple new micros (HO & N) underway that I will be forwarding before too long.

    Thank Vic

  37. John Reynolds says:

    I have a couple of ready mini-micro’s I would like to submit… One is a timesaver/tymesaver, the other is an inglenook. How can I get pictures to you?

  38. Dave says:

    Hi Gert,

    Thanks for keeping this site running. It has been a fantastic source of inspiration.

    I’m just starting a SM32 “small layout” here in England and I have now so many new ideas.

    I’m designing the system using infra-red instructions sent to the locos, and in theory the whole layout will run automatically as each “device” has an small microchip controlling the functions, and the devices will be sequenced – just like a railway timetable!

    Many thanks again


  39. Enrique Acero says:

    Many thanks, thanks for your job and time….

  40. Enrique Acero says:

    Gracias por su trabajo y tiempo…..

  41. alwin says:

    Gert, thanks a million for your good work. I love this site; to get ideas or just to dream and enjoy the beautiful layouts.

  42. Giuseppe D'Ancona says:

    Thank you for keeping the spirit of Carl alive

  43. Bob Mackey says:

    Thank you for taking over this very valuable web site. It has been for many years my source of inspiration. I became an N ss Scale modeller late in life, 60.
    Now 71 and retired I am continuing my modelling. My latest is n scale track with HO motor bus on a A3 size layout.
    Keep up the good work and again, thanks.

  44. Scot Osterweil says:


    As others have said, thanks for maintaining this site. I’ll send updates on my projects in the near future.

  45. robert calabrese says:

    always looked at mr. arendt as the Model Train Dad i never had. as a fellow N scaler, i used to look forward to his pages every month. i am so appreciative of your continuing on in his spirit. good luck with your site! RIP, Mr. Carl Arendt.

  46. Les Murray says:

    When will you have contest pictures from last summer ? I have all three Carls books and go over them a lot . thanks

  47. Al says:

    Always enjoy visiting this site. Lots of great ideas. Very pleased it has continued.

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