Micro Layout Design Gallery

“Micro layouts are small model railroads, usually less than three or four square feet in area, that nonetheless have a clear purpose and excellent operating capability.”

This Gallery contains 250 creative micro layout designs from all over the world. It’s the largest collection of its kind in existence. I hope you find some ideas that you can put to good use!
I also publish exciting new designs and photos of small layouts every month in the Small Layout Scrapbook, which is featured and archived on this site.

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My deepfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to this unprecedented collection of micro layouts. You are the greatest!


A3 Sized Inglenook, Carl Arendt, 16.5″x11.7″, A3 Sized Layouts
AAA Molasses Works, Carl Arendt, 16.5″x11.7″, A3 Sized Layouts
Aardvark N.K.A. Tramway
, Emrys Hopkins, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchters/Other Good Ideas
Affaleague Tramway, Emrys Hopkins & Carl Arendt, 36″x16″, Shelf Switchers/Train Turntables
A Keg of Coors, C. Arendt/M. McLaughlin, 51″x9″, No Switches/Straight Lines

Alpmatten, Peter Marriott48″x15″, Shelf Switchers/No Runarounds
Amalgamated Mine #258, Carl Arendt, 30″x20″x4″, Unusual Venues/Layouts in Boxes 
Amalgamated Terminal 1 & 2, Carl Arendt, 72″x8″, Shelf Switchers/Passenger Lines
Andrews Short Line, Dick Andrews, 24″x18″, Shelf Switchers/The Fork
A Pony Keg of Coors, Mike McLaughlin, 27″x7″, No Switches/Straight Lines

Apple Valley Farm Supplies, Ian Holmes, 20″x15″, Industrial Railroads/Industrial Trams
Apple Valley Light Railway Mk.I, Ian Holmes, 36″x12″, Shelf Switchers/One Switch
Apple Valley Light Railway, Ian Holmes, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Train Turntables
Ash Valley Farm Supplies, Steve Bennett, 36″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Inglenooks
Attersee, Ivan Furlanis, 64″x9″, Real Places/Narrow Gauge

Avalon Brick Works, Julian Andrews, 34″x16″, Continuous/Single Level
Avery-Labelle Mfg. Co., Jack Trollope, 16.5″x11.7″, A3 Sized Layouts
Aytobeigh Industries, Emrys Hopkins, 48″x12″, Industrial Railroads/Industrial Trams


Baby Grand Central Station, Carl Arendt, 48″x10″, Shelf Switchers/Passenger Lines
Backside of the Sawmill, Jack Matson, 30″x18″, Industrial/Logging Lines
Barbu Wharf, Jon Songøygard, 23″x17″, Industrial Railroads./Trams
The Basement Railway, Ian Holmes, 42″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Other Good Ideas
Bedford Storage Sidings, Trevor Simpson, 72″x8″, Real Places/Standard Gauge 

The Beltane Wood Railway, Kevin Payne, 12″x17“, Industrial Railroads/Trams 
Best Little Railroad by a Dam Site, Carl Arendt, 15″x15″, No Switches/Fun to Run
BicentennialBahn, Carl Arendt, 39″x14″, Bicentennial Page
Bilevel Shoebox, Carl Arendt, 13″x5″, Shoebox Madness
Bits & Pieces Mfg. Co., Carl Arendt, 28.5″x20″, Continuous/Single Level

Bott’s Cotton Gin Tram, Carl Arendt, 32″x18″, No Switches/For Operation
Box Street Yard, Jack Trollope, 66″x7.5″, Shelf Switchers/Other Good Ideas
Boxer Shortline, Jeff Hartmann, 36″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Sector Plate
Brede Valley Water Works, Carl Arendt, 48″x12″, Real Places/Industrial
Brickworks Railway, John Thomas, 30″x20″, Industrial Railroads/Industrial Trams

The Brewery Line, Ian Holmes, 28″x24″, Industrial/ Railroads/Industrial Trams


Canal Tramway, Carl Arendt, 24″x18″, Continuous/Single Level
Carl’s Exports, Carl Arendt, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Sector Plate
Carl’s Imports, Carl Arendt, 13″x5″, Unusual Venues/Layouts in Boxes
Carry On, Micro!, Carl Arendt, 17″x11″, Unusual Venues/Strange Locales
Centennial Central, Carl Arendt, —, Centennial

Chrisfield Industrial Park, Geren Mortensen, 64″x9″, Shelf Switchers/Inglenooks
Circuit Central, Robert Michael Shemilt, 48″ diam., Continuous/Multi-Level
Columbus Circle Estate Railway, Carl Arendt, 20″ dia. circle, Continuous/Single Level
Copernichaum XXIV, Jon Songøygard, 25″ dia. sphere, Unusual Venues/Strange Locales
Crater Lake Construction Site, Carl Arendt, 18″x18″, No Switches/Fun to Run

Crow Hill Railroad, Jon Songøygard, 32″x18″, Industrial Railroads/Trams
Cuddle Shale-Oil Wharf, Andy Anderson, 36″x8″, No Switches/Straight Lines
Cuplars Fine Tiles, Ian Holmes, 30″x16″, Continuous/One Switch
Cycles le Berlan, François Fontana, 13″x4.5″, Shoebox Madness


Dapht Woods, Emrys Hopkins, 27″ dia., Continuous/Single Level
Darjeeling Himilayan Railway, Carl Arendt, 32″x18″, Shelf Switchers/Other Good Ideas
Defiance Mine, John Dale, 114″x21″, Industrial/Mining
Dominion Geolite Co., Ian Campbell, 22″x17″, Industrial/Trams
Doty Lumber Company, Jack Matson, 24″x24″, Industrial/Logging

Down & Dirty RR, Carl Arendt, 29″x7″, Unusual Venues/Layouts in Boxes
Double Circle Railway, Keith Addenbrooke, 38″ rad., Continuous/Single Level
Doublecrossing Railway, Brian Wilson, 30″x19″, Shelf Switchers/Train Turntables
Dual Gauge Docksider, Carl Arendt, 48″x10″, Shelf Layouts/Dual Gauge
Dual-Gauge Dumping Railway, Carl Arendt, 20″x14″, Continuous/Multi-Level

A Dual Gauge Stubbier Yard, Jeff Hartmann, 42″x13.5″, Make-overs
Duffield Bank Loco Works, Ian Holmes, 36″x12″, Real Places/Narrow Gauge
Duluth Steam, Ian Homes, 41″x19″, Real Places/Industrial
Dumping I, II and III, Terry Allen, 48″x12″, Make-Overs
Duton Detritus Mine, Carl Arendt, 24″x18″, Industrial/Mining & Quarrying


Eastern Star & Jolly Holly Tramway, Jim Favre, 16″ diameter, No Switches/Fun to Run
El Dorito Mine, Carl Arendt, 12″x2″, With No Switches/Straight Lines
Endal Street, Jon Songøygard, 13″x7″, Shoebox Madness
Erick Oklahoma – 1988, John Thomas & Carl Arendt, 72″x14″, Real Places/Standard Gauge


Fairview Heights Railway, Emrys Hopkins, 3-29″x7″ window boxes, Multiple Micros
Fairweather Branch Line, Gordon Avis, 47″x14″, Shelf Switchers/End of the Line
Farthing Mining Co. RR, Bill Metcalf/Carl Arendt, 38″x15″, Industrial/Mining and Quarrying
Fine Furniture, Emrys Hopkins, 24″x24″, Continuous/Single Level
Finnegan, Bart Bakker, 23.4″x8.3″, Unusual Venues/Layouts in Boxes

The Fishing Line, Emrys Hopkins, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/The Fork
Foggier Bottom Railway, Jack Trollope, 56.5″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Traversers
Foggy Bottom, Carl Arendt, 38″x10″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
Foldingham (U.S. Style), Giles Barnabe, 72″x11″/5″, Shelf Switchers/No Runarounds
Folding Way TerminalCarl Arendt, 72″x8″, Shelf Switchers/Passenger Lines

Footer’s Dye Works, Carl Arendt, 24″x24″, Industrial/Traction & Tramways
Fractional Flyer, Jack Trollope, 55″x7.5″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
Frank and Albert Generating Station, Joe Chiasson, 33″x17″, Continuous/Single Level
Fullcourt Press Printing Inc.
Carl Arendt, 28″x20″, Continuous/With One Switch


G-Whizz Traction Co., Carl Arendt, 36″x24″, Industrial/Traction
German Grand Chasm layout, Reinoud Kaasschieter, 36″x12″, No Switches/For Operation
German Tramway/Railway Interchange, Giles Barnabe, 48″x12″, Industrial Railroads/Traction/Tramway
GipsBahn, Gaston Schikowski, ????, Unusual Venues/Strange Locales
Gmunden Traunsee, Ivan Furlanis, 72″x7″, Real Places/Narrow Gauge

Gneiss Junction, Emrys Hopkins, 60″x9″, Shelf Switchers/Dual Gauge
Golf Links Halt – 1944, Carl Arendt, 24″x20″ folded, Real Places/Industrial
Gosport Engine Terminal, Jeff Semprebon, 32″x18″, No Switches/For Operation
Graffiti Bros. Construction Co., Carl Arendt, 39″x8″, Industrial/Trams
Grand Chasm Scenic Railroad, Carl Arendt, 30″x14″, No Switches/For Operation

Grimes & Dusts RR, Maurice Grimes & Carl Arendt, 48″x10″, Make-Overs
Guinness Brewery Tram, John Glenn, 48″x12″, Industrial/Trams


Ha’Penny Mining Co. RR, Carl Arendt, 30″x18″, Industrial/Mining and Quarrying
Hardly Glo Mine, Carl Arendt, 18″x18″, Continuous/One Switch
Hedgehog Hill Estates Railway (7/8n2), Bill Cooke, 84″x36″, Shelf Switchers/TymeSavers
Hellingly Hospital Railway, Philip Parker, 42″x18″, Real Places/Standard Gauge
HextraJack Trollope, 26″ hexagon, Continuous/Multi-Level

Hidden Valley Traction Co., Carl Arendt, 48″x12″, Industrial/Traction
HOn30 Car and Loco Repair Shop, Len Kaplan, 13″x7″, Unusual Venues/Layouts in Boxes
Hyde Canal, Ivan Furlanis, 30″x10″, Shelf Switchers/Dual Gauge
Hylton (Town), R.M. Shemilt, 64″x9″, Starter Layout


Ian’s Superior Imports, Ian Holmes, 36″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Train Turntables
Into the Hills!,
 Carl Arendt, 24″x18″, Continuous/Multi-Level


James Island Explosives Plant, Brian Wilson, 36″x36″, Industrial RRs/Dockside Layouts
Jaxcilli Industries,
 Jack Trollope, 30″x24″, Industrial/Mining & Quarrying
John Stuart Mill, Emrys Hopkins, 20″x16″, No Switches/For Operation
Junction Quarry Co. Ltd., Robert Michael Shemilt, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Traversers
Junk Sand and Gravel, Bernard Junk, 17″x12″, Industrial/Mining & Quarrying

Juster Yard, Emrys Hopkins, 36″x12″, Shelf Switchers/One Switch


Kelso Creek Quarrying Co., Terry Allen, 23.5″x8.25″, A3 Sized Layouts
King’s Pancreas, Emrys Hopkins, 72″x8″, Shelf Switchers/Passenger LInes
Knife & Fork RR, Jon Songøygard, 46″x11″, Shelf Switchers/Train Turntables
Knotter Lone Railway, Carl Arendt, 90″x16″, Multiple Micros


Lambertville, NJ – 1850, Ian Holmes and Carl Arendt, 36″x22″ & 72″x8″, Real Places/Standard Gauge
Large Scale Pleasures,
 Carl Arendt, 28″x20″, Industrial RR/Dockside Layouts
Lesana Yard, Jack Trollope, 35″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Other Good Ideas
Less Than Four Square Foot Timesaver, Emrys Hopkins, 48″x11″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
Lesser Titchfield, Terry Allen & Carl Arendt, 43″x10″, Shelf Switchers/Sector Plate

Les Tramways de Sarreau, Giles Barnabe, 36″x11.5″, Shelf Switchers/Other Good Ideas
Lilliput Quay, Ian Bareham, 36″x13″, Industrial Railroads/Dockside Layouts
Lime Kiln Railway, Carl Arendt, 10″x10″, No Switches/For Operation
Links Mine, Ian Holmes, 24″x10″, Shelf Switchers/Inglenooks
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Carl Arendt, 36″x16″, Continuous/Single Level

Little Egg Railway, Jeff Semprebon, 24″x18″, No Switches/For Fun to Run
Long Yard Industrial District, Carl Arendt, 48″x10″, Shelf Switchers//Dual Gauge
Long Yard Industrial District 2.0, Carl Arendt, 48x”x10″, Shelf Switchers/Dual Gauge
Lunar Mining Complex, Jeff Semprebon, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Sector Plate


Magic Fingers Mine, Carl Arendt, 48″x12″, Industrial Railroads/Mining-Quarrying
Many Points Shelf, Emrys Hopkins, 36″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
Martin’s Concrete Co., Vincent Wesstein, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Tymesavers
Matson’s Landing, Jack Matson, 48″x18″, Industrial/Logging
McGee Memorial Hospital Tramway, Carl Arendt, 60″x14″, Industrial/Tramways

McKamey Bros. Wood Mill, Paul Boehlert, 24″x18″, Continuous/Single Level
Mesozoic Park,
 Jeff Semprebon, 40″x14″, Shelf Switchers/Sector Plates
Michigan-California Lumber Co., South Cable Station, Carl Arendt, 60″x9″, Real Places/Industrial
Micro TymeSaver, Carl Arendt, 48″x9″, Shelf Switchers/TymeSavers
Midland Road SLR, Martin Hogg, 40″x12″, Shelf Switchers/No Runaround

The Midnight Flyer, Carl Arendt, 64″x9″, Shelf Switchers/Other Good Ideas
Migraine Mine, Ian Holmes, 18″x18″, Industrial/Mining
Milltown, R.M. Shemilt & Carl Arendt, 63″x8″, Starter Layout
Minbury Abbas, Chris Krupa, 47″x10″, Shelf Switchers/No Runarounds
Mohawk & Adirondack, Paul Boehlert, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Sector Plate

Mon Eastern Railroad, Carl Arendt, 78″x16″, Shelf Switchers/TymeSavers
Monongahela Coal Dock Co., Jim Hofer, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Inglenooks
Morna Yard, Carl Arendt, 48″x8″, Shelf Switchers/One Switch
Mower Lumber Company (Cass, WV), Carl Arendt, 48″x9″, Real Places/Industrial
Mt. Albert Tramway, Carl Arendt, 24″x12″, Real Places/Industrial


North Pole Railway, Carl Arendt, 36″x9″, Shelf Switchers/The Fork
Nouvion, Steve & Sawood Pearce, 30″x20″, Shelf Switchers/The Fork


OSSJ, Rolf Emanuelson, 75″x6″, Shelf Switchers/The Fork


Pacific Isle, Frank Saunders, 30″x20″, Continuous/Single Level
The Park Terrace Railway, Chris Gilbert, 77″x7″, Unusual Venues/Strange Locales
Pentewan Harbour, Carl Arendt, 57″x10″, Real Places/Narrow Gauge
Perko’s Paper Products, Geoff Perkins, 11.7″x8.25″, Industrial RRs/Trams
Perryview, Chris Gilbert, 48″x16″, Real Places/Narrow Gauge

Pete’s Pachyderms, Carl Arendt, 24″x24″, Industrial/ Industrial Trams
Pete’s Pallets, Pete Heininger, 24″x16″, Industrial/Industrial Trams
Pete’s Potatoes, Carl Arendt, 16″x16″, Industrial/Industrial Trams
The Pickle Works Line, Carl Arendt, 30″x18″, Shelf Switchers/Dual Gauge
Pier 39 Yard, Carl Arendt, 48″x9″, Shelf Switchers/Traversers

Pine Ridge, Steve Christopher, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers, TymeSavers
Pine Ridge II, Jack Trollope, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Traversers
Pizza layout in On30(O-16.5)
, Steve Bennett, 12″x12″, No Switches/Fun to Run
Pointless Locomotive Service Depot, Carl Arendt, 48″x12″, No Switches/For Operation
Port Petiot-Fort Goffiot, Fontana and Fournier Le Ray, 33.6″x4″, Industrial/Traction

PRR 30th Street Yard, Jim Hofer, 48″x12″, Real P:laces/Standard Gauge
Puchberg Kleinbahn, Ivan Furlanis, 37″x14″ * 2, Multiple Micros
Putter, Phizz & Bang
, Emrys Hopkins, 32″x18″, No Switches/For Operation


Quayside Tramway, Terry Allen, 48″x12″, Industrial Railroads/TDockside Layouts


Rachel, Georgia, Julian Andrews, 36″x11.5″, Shelf Switchers/Traversers
Richmond and Queen, Chris Mears, 17″x11″, Industrial RR/Trams
Riverside Yard, a Gn15 Starter Layout, Emrys Hopkins, 24″x24″, Continuous/Single Level


Saltfleet Haven, Ian Holmes, 36″x14″, Shelf Switchers/Sector Plates
Sandby, Sweden, Johan Emanuelson, 42″x15″, Shelf Switchers/Tymesavers
Savannah Waterfront, Don Coker, 36″x16″, Continuous/One Switch
Say Two Manufacturing Co., Carl Arendt, 22″ dia., Unusual Venues/Strange Locales
Schopp’s Shops, Carl Arendt, 30″x20″, Continuous/Multi-Level

Scrapper Sid’s, Derek Pratt, 24″x24″, Continuous/Single Level
Serendipity Switching Line, Carl Arendt, 50″x8″, Shelf Switchers/Tymesavers
7/8″ Scale Micro Layout, Carl Arendt, 60″x30″, Shelf Switchers/The Fork
Sewett’s Mine, Jon Songøygard, 72″x8″, Shelf Switchers/Dual Gauge
Short Long Way Round Railroad, Chris Gilbert, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track

Shortline Terminal, Carl Arendt, 46″x16″, Shelf Switchers/End of Line
Shortover Yard,
 Jack Trollope, 33″x5.8″, Shelf Siwtchers/Traversers
Shrunken Headshunts, Chris Gilbert, 60″x7″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
Small Street Yard / Kleinhof, Chris Ellis, 45″x6.5″, Shelf Switchers/No Runarounds
Smallbury Parva, Trevor Simpson, 56″x10″, Shelf Switchers/Inglenooks

Smalspoor Station, Bart Bakker, 43″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
Smithereen’s Explosives, Jon Songøygard, 32″x18″, Shelf Switchers/Train Turntables
Smithfield Street Yard, Carl Arendt, 38″x8″, Shelf Switchers/Traversers
Specialty Lime Kiln Co., Alex Ceres, 24″x24″, Industrial/Trams
Square Foot Shoe Co., Jeff Haigh, 22″x6.5″, Shelf Switchers/Train Turntables

Squarefoot Estate Railway, Carl Arendt, 14″x11″, No Switches/For Operation
St. Augustine’s Hospital Railway, Ian Bareham, 23″x8″, A3 Sized Layouts
Standard Gauge Micro TymeSaver, Jack Trollope, 56.5″x9″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
St. Jean-St. Just, David Thomas, 72″x8″, Real Places/Narrow Gauge
Stourbridge Town, Chris Gilbert, 72″x8″, No Switches/Straight Line

Stubbier Yard, Jeff Hatcher/Carl Arendt, 36″x12″, Shelf Switchers/With One Switch
Swedish Stone Quarry, Roger Jansson, 23″x16″, Continuous/One Switch


Tennis Ground Station, Carl Arendt, 36″x15″, Real Places/Narrow Gauge
Tennower Mine, Ian Holmes, 22″x6″, Shelf Switchers/One Switch
TF Industries II, Emrys Hopkins, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Traversers
TF Industries III, Jack Trollope, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
The Works, Vincent Wesstein, 36″x16″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track

Threeway Points Mill 1, 2, 3, Chris Gilbert, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Traversers
Timesaver Variation, Emrys Hopkins, 54″x9″, Shelf Switchers/TymeSavers
Timewaster 5:40, Emrys Hopkins, 60″x9″, Shelf Switchers/TymeSavers
Towering Burden Industries, Jon Songøygard, 16.5″x11.7″, A3 Sized Layouts
Town Stations, Keith Addenbrooke, 72″x8″, Shelf Switchers/End of LIne

Tramways de Chamiex-Les Thurs, Jack Trollope, 23″x8″, A3 Sized Layouts
Triple-I Industrial Park, Carl Arendt, 48″x10″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
Triple Track Shelf, Carl Arendt, 36″x9″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
Tuckaway Mountain Railway, Carl Arendt, 21″x8.5″, Unusual Venues/Strange Locales
TuQuay and Canal Street RR, Harry Symonds, 24″x18″, Industrial Railroads/Traction & Tramways

Tusydes Industrial Conglomerate, Inc., Carl Arendt, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/No Runarounds
Twin Peeks, Ian Holmes, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Train Turntables
Two Levels, Two Gauges, Trevor Simpson, 48″x12″, Shelf Switchers/Dual Gauge
Two Nooks Railway, Jack Trollope, 56″x14″, Shelf Switchers/End of the Line
Two-Shoe Hill Mine, Jon Songøygard, 13″x7″, Shoebox Madness

Two-Timer Tram, Carl Arendt, 24″x18″, Continuous/Multi-Level
Tynyport Dock, Giles Barnabe, 36″x16″, Industrial Railroads/Dockside Layouts


Union Station, Carl Arendt, 36″x12″, Shelf Switchers/JPassenger Lines


Valmont, David Thomas, 48″x12″, Real Places/Standard Gauge
Van Gelder Zonen, Otto Schouwstra, 24″x18″, Make-Overs
Van Smelter Werken, Carl Arendt, 24″x18″, Make-Overs
Van Welder & Sons, Carl Arendt, 24″x21″, Make-Overs
Vulture Cove, Jeff Semprebon, 37″x16″, Shelf Switchers/Train Turntables


Walkley/Inglenook Basic Layout, A.R. Walkley, 48″x9″, Shelf Switchers/Inglenooks
Walmington Pier Tramway, Dave Carson, 36″x6″, With No Switches/Straight Line
Wantage Upper Yard, Giles Barnabe, 48″x12″, Real Places/Standard Gauge
Watching the Trains, Ian Holmes, 40″x14″, Shelf Switchers/Other Good Ideas
Waterslide Transfer Co., Carl Arendt, 60″x9″, Shelf Switchers/Dual Gauge

Whatsup Dock, Emrys Hopkins, 55″x30″ area, Industrial Railroads/Dockside Layouts
Whitehead Brewery, Emrys Hopkins, 23-7/16″ dia circle, Continuous/One
WhYme!!?!, Chris Gilbert, 52″x7.5″, Shelf Switchers/Dense Track
Wickingham, Ian Bareham, 48″x12″, Real Places/Standard Gauge
WyemouthCarl Arendt, 36″x12″, Shelf Switchers/End of the Line

Wye River CityCarl Arendt, 36″x12″, Shelf Switchers/End of the Line
Wyter’s Ed. Supplies, Emrys Hopkins, 48″x12″, Industrial Railroads/Industrial Trams


Yurze Ore Mine, Carl Arendt, 36″x16″, Industiral/Mining & Quarrying


Zimbabwe Lime Kiln, Carl Arendt, 14″x14″, Industrial/Mining & Quarrying
Zweinuck, Kleine und Grosse, Emrys Hopkins, 23.5″x8.25″, Shelf Switchers/Inglenooks