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Page 122: February 2017

Scrapbook update numer 122 is here for you to enjoy. Have fun reading and be inspired! R.I.P. Car Shop – by Alain KAP from Saarburg, Germany Name: R.I.P. Car Shop Scale: HO Track: PECO...

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Page 121: December 2016

Not so many scrapbook updates this year, but here is the last one, with a lot of pictures! 🙂 Zwei Kreise Irgendwo in Preußen (Two circles somewhere in Prussia) – by Thomas from Cologne,...

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Page 119: June 2016

I can’t believe it has already been a year since I added a new scrapbook update to the website. Here is a new update for you all to enjoy! 🙂 Lokálka by Střelec from Plzeň –...

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Page 118: June 2015

And here is another Small Layout Scrapbook update for you to enjoy. Have fun reading! Hoyt-Clagwell Tractor Factory The layout is built in On30 by Geoff Potter from Wamberal, NSW Australia.      ...

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PAGE 117 – April 2015

After almost a year of silence, a new update! The first in a series of new, regular updates. As you might have read, I started a competition last year, to make a micro layout...
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PAGE 116 – July 2014

Finally a new Scrapbook Update after almost a year. The development of the new website took a lot of time, so I postponed new Scrapbook updates. I did keep all the submissions I got...

PAGE 114 – March 2013

CHOCOLATE BOX by Bertram “Making up my home office I found a little box of balsawood. It had stored some chocolate from Rausch, a Berlin chocolate factory. The inside measures were 200 x 125...

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